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Project Overview

Web Banner & Poster Design

The Client

Arts Fort Worth

arts FW.jpeg

Founded in 1963 as the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Arts Fort Worth is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote, nurture, and support the arts in Fort Worth.

Project Date: March 10, 2022

The Assignment

Arts Fort Worth produces an original play by a local playwright annually. I was asked to create a cohesive set of posters, web banners and marketing material to promote Jeff Irvin's "The Texas Book of Beasts" incorporating elements from the play.

About the play: 

The 2022 Original Works Selection, Jeff Irvin’s “The Texas Book of Beasts” is told through a series of 25 short scenes featuring four characters: a property developer, a university professor, an idealistic biologist, and a toad. This cast of characters is involved in raucous public meetings as the twenty-something woman learns to organize a diverse community to save the endangered toad's habitat from a large encroaching development. Featuring metaphors in verse, interjections in unison, and group movements that mimic Texas fauna, "Texas Book of Beasts" is a melodrama and romantic comedy about learning to recognize a sharp brain and a good heart.

The Process

I was instructed to make poster designs resembling an old map using different elements from the play.

Fortunately for me, the play is packed full of quirky elements which I sketched while reading through it. I then took my rough pen & paper sketches and turned them into digital graphics to assemble on the poster. The final poster designs feature the play's information and different arrangements of the visual elements to accommodate the various poster sizes used.

Final Web Banner & Poster Designs

The poster design influenced the play's set design

*see the giant book 

and made it's way onto the cotton candy served at the show!

The best set design everr

bec cotton candy.png


The Takeaway

This was the first time I created graphics promoting and inspired by a play, a locally written one at that.

(I even got to meet the playwright at the show!)

The play itself was fun to read (and watch!) and had a heartfelt message. It was an honor and a really cool experience to not only create the promotional imagery for the play, but to also see the elements I created be utilized in the set design & elsewhere. 

I introduced myself to the play's cast after their performance and they all rushed to greet me after I told them I was the poster design artist, which was truly heartwarming. This kind of local creative collaboration is an amazing part of my line of work.

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