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Project Overview

Neighborhood Cat Calendar


Meowtown Animal Rescue

Issue - Summer 2023 

Calendar Issues: 2023, 2024

The Assignment

Crested Butte Magazine showcases "the best local photographers and writers in the valley" including local author Mamie Rijks who writes the children's story for the "Kid's Corner" section of the magazine. I have been illustrating Mamie's stories since the magazine's Summer 2023 issue. The magazine is released bi-annually.

"Kid's Corner" Illustrations

The process

When illustrating a story, I like to feature its' main characters and elements.

Mamie's story in the Winter 2023 issue mentioned Totem Pole Park so, I took inspiration from location images to create a scene where the park pole is prominently featured.


Issue - Summer 2024

Two Page Spread

The Takeaway

I was delighted when long time Crested Butte Magazine editor and family friend, Sandy Fails, reached out and asked if I'd like to illustrate Mamie's "Kid's Corner" stories. Mamie's nature themed, imaginative stories have been a joy to illustrate and I'm thankful for the inclusion in the magazine and for the opportunity to further connect with and learn about the people in this Colorado mountain community.  

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