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I'm Becca Waugh, owner and designer of Sleepy Panther Design Co. I'm an artist who was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I received a BFA with a focus in Drawing & Painting from UNT Denton in 2013. I ventured to Denver, Colorado shortly after graduating where I worked professionally as a graphic designer, animator and painter. I returned to my hometown of Fort Worth in May of 2020.


In May of 2021, I launched Sleepy Panther Design Co with intention to empower and enrich the lives of my community members through my design services and products. 

Our Story
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Why So Sleepy?

Not to worry, we aren't sleeping on the job! The name Sleepy Panther is inspired by a bit of Fort Worth history. In 1874, after a visit to Fort Worth, Dallas attorney Robert E. Cowart wrote the Dallas Herald saying "Fort Worth was so desolate there was a panther sleeping on Main Street." Rather than being bothered by the intended insult, Fort Worthians embraced the story of the sleeping panther and claimed the panther as a mascot of the city, taking on the nickname 'Panther City' which remains to this day.

Here at Sleepy Panther, we feel we exude the same courageous spirit as the Fort Worthians of old as we carry a sense of pride, ambition, and adventure into each day and creative project!

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World Famous
Coloring Books

Released in March of 2021,

The World Famous Texas Alphabet Coloring Book 

celebrates Texas culture & nature and has since made its' way into 70 Texas stores and counting. 

The World Famous Texas Alphabet Coloring Book

is the first in a series of 'World Famous' publications by

Sleepy Panther Design Co. 

Click below to learn more about our coloring book series!

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