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Our Process

Whether you're interested in Graphic Design, Illustration, or Animations Services, we have a method to get things done!

1. Project Consultation.

We'll discuss what type of service you're interested in and how we can provide the design(s) you're dreaming up.


Some questions to consider: 

What is the purpose of this design or project? Who and what are your design influences? Do you have reference images for us to be inspired by? Are we doing simple-dee-dimple or ornate out-the-gate? Black and white or full color? Monsters or aliens? Batman or Robin?!


Communication is key in the design process and we want to bring your vision to fruition as quickly as possible. Along with your ideas, we'll collect your images or rough sketches so we know which way to steer this horse!

We will reach out with a pricing quote within a day of assessing what the project entails.

2. Research, Brainstorm and Sketch. 

Once the design seed is planted we like to research styles and do a bit of sketching to get the creative juices flowing... so the design can start growing!


Depending on the project, we may reach out after initial brainstorming and sketching for feedback before executing design work.

3. Design.

This is when we take all the inspiration and brainstorming and 'make the magic happen!" Fresh designs made to order, you got it!

4. Feedback or Approval.

For a physical product, we'll make sure you're happy with the design before it is picked up or shipped out.

For digital projects like logos & branding, graphics, animations or publications, we'll be checking in with you once we have some designs to propose to make sure we're on the right track. We welcome all feedback so we can deliver the exact outcome you are looking for. The more clearly your vision is communicated, the more quickly we'll be able to put 'the nail on the head' of your design.

5. Edits.

We'll make adjustments and create based off your direction. There may be several rounds of edits based on the project. 

6. Final Design.

Once the designs have your approval, files will be sent to you and you can go on being the rock star you are!


Get to Know Our Work

View our specialized services:

Graphic Design Services 

  • Logos & Branding

  • Ad Creation

  • Banner Design

  • Book Layout & Formatting

  • Brochures, Pamphlets & Flyers

  • Catalogs

  • Custom Coloring Books

  • Google Ads

  • Graphics for Apparel

  • Greeting Cards

  • Email Marketing

  • Excel Spreadsheets

  • Infographics

  • Interactive PDFs

  • Invitations

  • Package Design

  • Poster Design

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Printing

  • Menus

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Stickers

  • Web Elements

  • Worksheets

Animation Services 

  • Animated Logos

  • Animated Advertisements

  • Animated Explainer Videos

  • Animated GIFs

  • Interactive PDFs

  • Motion Graphics

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Video Editing

Illustration Services 

  • Children's Book Illustration

  • Chalk and In-store Menu Boards

  • Hand Drawn or Digital Illustration

  • Mural Painting

  • Oil or Acrylic Painting

  • People, Pet & Home Portraits

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Wood Burned Artwork

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