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Project Overview

Annual Real Estate Report

The Client

Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth

Project Dates: Annual Report 2022-2023 & Annual Report 2023-2024

The Assignment

The Real Estate Council of Greater Fort Worth is is an association of members with a unified voice for the commercial real estate profession, influencing action and supporting change to accomplish long-term job growth and enhance quality of life.


I was tasked with creating stylized multi-page PDF documents that included member photos, report copy and other visual elements.

Annual Report 2022-2023

The REC of GFW report committee requested an art deco style report using their brand colors. It took a few iterations to land on a style but we eventually achieved the desired look for the report.

Annual Report 2023-2024

This year's report has an old western style newspaper feel. I used Adobe InDesign to format the report.

The Takeaway

The REC of GFW has been a great client to work for. They've had great ideas and made stylistic choices that have been fun to work with. Every client is different and these guys had great communication about their design wants and needs.


I've enjoyed the challenge of creating within a particular style and of weaving all the necessary elements and fun embellishments together to make clear, concise and visually appealing documents. I'm thankful for this organization's patience as I updated their documents according to their notes. 

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