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Project Overview

Live Event Illustrations

The Client

The Studio - Fort Worth Yoga

Project Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Assignment

In a yoga class called "Love the Shape of You," instructor Angela Hall opened with a discussion about body acceptance followed by a 'slow flow' yoga session where attendees became in touch with their body, breath and movements.


After the flow session, individuals of the class allowed me to take photos of them in their favorite yoga pose which I then created illustrations of using a continuous contour line drawing style. The digital illustrations were a keepsake for each student that helped commemorate their experiences and celebrate their unique shapes.

Event Illustrations

Reagan in camel pose

More yogis

In addition to class illustrations, I created an animated reel featuring Angela Hall to promote the event.

The Takeaway

This individually focused class allowed me to connect with and create for members of my community. 

I enjoyed the challenge of drawing everyone's shape in the continuous contour style which added a special touch to the yoga and body-minded experience.

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