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Project Overview

Book Design, Formatting & Illustration

The Client

This is NOT a Sketchbook
tinas photo cover.webp

Book Release Date: October 2023

The Assignment

Long time art instructor Lauren Horn was ready to take her in-class art instruction to the masses with an interactive lesson book. "This is NOT a Sketchbook" is an art class, built into a sketchbook, taught by Lauren via video lessons. 

When Lauren approached me with the project, she had a basic layout and rough sketches of the pages. I was able to meet and chat with Lauren about the book's concept and turn her rough sketches into simple, usable, aesthetically pleasing sketchbook lesson and practice pages.​ I used Adobe InDesign to format the book. 


The book's contents vary from lesson to lesson. I edited and arranged titles, images, QR codes (that take students to video lessons), diagrams, drawing spaces and illustrations throughout the pages of the book.

tinas interior.jpeg
tinas interior 2.webp

I created custom titles, illustrations, and other visual elements for the book that corresponded with the lessons and gave the book an artistic touch. After all, it's a book for artists! I provided Lauren with design options and she decided what looked best.

Design Options
Contour Font-01.jpg
Finished Page

Custom design elements

Other elements:
Custom Title

Book Cover Design

Along with interior book design & formatting, This Is Not a Sketchbook needed a clean, bright and bold cover and logos & branding to match.

Design Options
Printed Book

Logo & Branding


The Takeaway

This is NOT a Sketchbook has been such a wonderful project to help bring to life! Lauren's teaching methods are proven effective time and time again by both her classroom students and anyone who takes the time to do the lessons in her new learning tool, This is NOT a Sketchbook. I'm thrilled that I have been able to contribute to this book and benefit the aspiring artists who use it. 

I truly enjoyed working with Lauren who I originally connected with through our neighborhood Facebook page.

She had great ideas and was open to my creative input throughout the book creation process.

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